Medical leaflets

Printing of medical leaflets

Leaflets for medicinal products provide critical information regarding indications, contraindications, dosages, administration methods, side effects, and potential drug interactions. They are a mandatory accompaniment for all medicinal products.

We understand the importance of these documents and strive to ensure that they are clear, concise, and easy to read, providing patients with the information they need to safely and effectively use their medication.

For printing these instructions, we typically use offset paper with a weight ranging from 45 g/m2 to 80 g/m2. We employ offset printing, which can range from single-color (1+1) to full-color (4+4) printing.

Typically, medical instructions are folded to a specific size, although we are happy to accommodate our customers' unique requests. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the final product meets all of your needs and specifications.

We also specialize in creating «lefleat-booklets». Our process involves folding the lefleat several times to achieve the desired size.

Using our specialized technique, we can customize the booklet size to your specific requirements, ensuring that it fits seamlessly within your product packaging. This approach provides a convenient and compact solution for including all necessary instructions, warnings, and other important information related to your product.

The following types of leaflets are possible:
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